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And not only that, but some of the places you think might be great places to meet people aren't exactly the places you should be going. If you're not sure if you're on the right track, here are some of the major signs that you're not looking for love in the right places — and what you should really be trying instead.

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

It's like they think if they just go out somewhere , that's good enough. Another thing Safran notes, is that if you are looking to meet people, you should be planning in advance what you want to do for major holiday weekends or events where more new people will be out and about. You want to be sure you're taking advantage of events like that, and making plans for what you want to do during them in advance.

If you're going to bars expecting to meet people — or hoping to meet a serious romantic prospect at an event like a wedding, a charity event, or even a single's vacation you might think they're ideal for meeting people, but Safran points out that the long-distance factor can be a problem!

A much better alternative, Safran says, is to take a class or join some sort of meet-up group or sports team, where you'll be around the same new people on a regular basis. An improv class, a dancing class, a special exercise class where you meet for eight weeks You also want to make sure that when you're going to these types of continual events, you're choosing ones that will expose you to the kind of people you're looking to meet.

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For example, if you're a woman looking to meet a man, Safran notes that a female-focused fitness class wouldn't be the best choice. It was a learning process, and he was enjoying it without thinking that he was incompetent or bad for not being able to do it right each moment. Looking over his life, he realized that he had been putting himself down without thinking that he can learn and do better, as he does in his kite boarding.

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You cannot redo the past, but you can certainly learn from the experience. If you are not loving yourself and changing from your mistakes, it is hard for others to love you. How you feel about yourself exudes in your attitude, speech, behavior and very presence, and influences how people regard you.

Missing the mark is not permanent, and we can try again with the insights and wisdom gained from previous heartbreak. With that understanding, he changed the way he looked at his life and himself. He apologized for his part in the breakup and committed to living in a more conscious way and to loving himself.

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Soon, he felt more inner peace, and the critical voices in his head quieted down. He was happier, and people around him seemed to like being around him and invited him to more social gatherings. He was having fun and laughing more.

And not long after that, we met at a dinner party and started connecting with each other almost immediately. We would not have found each other interesting or fun unless we both loved ourselves first. We were attracted to each other because we were happy with ourselves; in being joyful, we were appealing to others. Now, many years later, we still like to share the story of how loving ourselves first brought us together.

We are human and do make mistakes, and the good news is that we can learn and grow from them. What about you? Are you living your life waiting for someone else to validate you? We can approve of ourselves, and with that mindset we will attract and generate the positive regard that we wish to have in our lives from others. Critics were not kind to Lee nor the song. Country music historian Bill Malone once noted that "Lookin' for Love" — in his words, a "lilting little pop song" — became the featured song of Urban Cowboy and a huge commercial hit largely because "actor John Travolta the movie's co-star expressed a liking for it.

Public reaction was much better.

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On the U. Cash Box Top , the song spent two weeks at No.

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The song was performed by Johnny Lee in an episode of Chips. It could also be heard in two episodes of Dallas. The first one is episode "To Have and to Hold", where it plays at the bar where Bobby Ewing and Kay Lloyd are enjoying each other's company. The second episode is episode "Dead Reckoning", where Ray Krebbs listens to it on his car stereo after dropping off his wife Jenna and her daughter Charlie at the airport.

This version peaked at No. The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode " Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places " is titled in tribute to this song " par'Mach " is defined in the episode as "the Klingon word for love, but with more aggressive overtones". The song was referenced in Operation Repo in season 11 episode 7.

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